wireless applications

Key Applications for Courier companies

Our Key partner applications include:

  • eCourier Communicates each unit's location and availability back to a main server every 10 seconds. An auto-allocation then uses this data, along with live weather, traffic and demand information, to select the best-placed courier for each delive
  • CXT Software Designed for Courier, Expedited Delivery & Delivery companies. Provides automation technology. Offers: on-demand delivery, route and distribution management, mobile applications and GPS tracking, web-based ordering and tracking, file-based integration

customer success stories

Saturn Wireless delivers “web-based” solution for Petroleum and Gas Hauling Company

Saturn Wireless Develops a Vehicle Tracking Solution for Brittany Trucking, Deploying Logitrac Modem into Each Vehicle

Logitrac's sophisticated technology expands the capabilities of vehicle tracking and monitoring to bring tangible benefits and operating effectiveness for today’s logistics. For Saturn Wireless and Brittany Trucking, it helped improve efficiency, employee accountability and customer service while reducing fuel cost. Detail

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