Saturn Wireless deploys “Business Continuity” solution for Department of Energy

Saturn Wireless deploys PINpoint, a emergency communications solution, at Department of Energy (DOE), maximizing their BlackBerry Smartphone investment and complying with the requirement to have a wireless Business Continuity Plan in place!

Tenet’s PINpoint application provides an up-to-date, accurate, easy-to-access emergency list of corporate contacts, enabling uninterrupted communications during emergency situations.



The United States Department of Energy (DOE) determines the United States’ policies regarding energy and safety in handling nuclear material.

Its responsibilities include the nation’s nuclear weapons program, nuclear reactor production for the United States Navy, energy conservation, energy-related research, radioactive waste disposal, and domestic energy production.


DOE relied very heavily on Blackberry Smartphones to keep communications flowing and business running smoothly. In fact, the BlackBerry device was their preferred means of communications. DOE had deployed several hundred BlackBerry devices to their key executives and mobile staff, and were planning to add several more as part of their Emergency Communications initiative.

Hence, they were extremely concerned about wireless outage and the fact that they didn’t have a backup plan in the event of a communication blackout or natural disaster. Additionally, DOE was mandated by the Obama administration to have a reliable Business Continuity solution in place.

DOE wanted to utilize the BlackBerry PIN feature as a backup in the event of a wireless outage. With hundreds of active BlackBerry users, DOE had a team dedicated to keep their BlackBerry servers updated with the BlackBerry PIN info for each user. This was not an easy task given the large number of BlackBerry users at DOE, coupled with the fact that users were frequently switching and upgrading devices. DOE needed relief from trying to keep up with the flux in order to have an effective emergency communication system in place.


Saturn Wireless presented TENET’s PINpoint solution, a specific application that enables the existing BlackBerry Smartphone to act as emergency communication devices by leveraging its PIN feature.

Saturn Wireless chose the PINpoint application because it gave the DOE BlackBerry users the ability to communicate using Pin-to-Pin technology even when their dedicated server was down. By circumventing the need to go through the DOE Server, the users could still have a very reliable means of communication even if their dedicated server was down or the network experienced an outage.

PINpoint has given our staff and members a sense that we care about their ability to communicate. It has given them the safety net that they didn’t have before

“PINpoint had a huge advantage that other vendors didn’t offer. It had a way to ensure emergency contact information was automatically refreshed and pushed to the BlackBerry devices when changes were made, without the need for daily management,” says Manika Sood, Founder & CEO of Saturn Wireless. “I know it sounds simplistic but having to troubleshoot a solution that is supposed to work seamlessly in an emergency situation is something customers don’t want to deal with. Plain and simple, PINpoint does what it says it can do,” added Manika.

“Being an out-of-the-box solution, we were able to install the PINpoint application into DOE’s infrastructure without increasing workload or cost,” Says Manika.

After deploying the solution, our Professional Services team worked with the DOE IT team to ensure each member went through an hour of training to understand the application, its features and its functionality for their day-to-day needs.


Ease of use wasn’t the only factor in DOE’s decision. “The customer was very price-sensitive,” notes Manika. “PINpoint helped the customer maximize ROI from their earlier investments into BlackBerry Smartphones.”


  • Compliant: With the PINpoint emergency communications application, DOE has been able to meet the government mandate to have a reliable emergency communications solution in place for their key personnel.
  • Effort-free solution: PINpoint was easy to install and its out-of-the-box functionality pushes out new and up-to-date contact information, including PIN numbers, to users without costing the IT department time or resources to maintain it. Every saving meant increased profitability.
  • Reliable Emergency Communications for business: DOE BlackBerry users can reach each other, even when there is a service outage, by pulling up PIN information and using PIN-to-PIN communication, making everyone , including the IT team , breathe easy.
  • Cost savings: DOE no longer needs to have a dedicated team to manually update emergency contact lists and push out changes to users. PINpoint’s feature for automatic updates means freed-up resources and reduced direct staff cost for DOE.

Manika summarizes her company’s experience with Tenet: “As a premier partner to AT&T and RIM, our endeavor is to offer the best solutions to customers so that they can maximize their IT investments. Our experience with PINpoint is a testimony to how we added value to the customer’s existing infrastructure to catapult them to respond to an emergency.”

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