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Campus Safety Solutions For Education



When incidents occur where individual behavior puts your organization at risk, a repeatable and discoverable case management process is required. The corporate security, ethics and compliance, human resources, IT security and security operations professional requires an easy-to-use solution that solves the need for configurable data collection, workflow and analysis. By enabling collaboration, ensuring compliance and permitting organizational convergence, Saturn Wireless Campus Safety solutions proactively mitigate potential threats by quickly responding to security violations, increasing students and staff safety.

Our solution portfolio focuses on equipping employees and emergency staff with the right devices and partner applications, enabling them to track assets and get real-time updates.

Our mobile devices portfolio includes BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HP, Palm.

Customized to meet specific needs, our Key partner applications for Campus safety include:

  • Defywire Mobile Guardian Defywire is a leading wireless and mobile software provider for public safety markets with a particular focus on the K-12 education market
  • e2campus Emergency notification system in education. e2Campus instantly and simultaneously sends multimodal alerts to a subscriber's mobile phone, landline phone, e-mail accounts, plus school infrastructure
  • Gwava Retain Offers secure, seamless archiving of SMS, PIN messages and phone usage data
  • Metranome Deliver deeply engaging and personal content to mobile users while supporting a broad range of mobile devices and wireless networks
  • Wallace Wireless: PINpoint Keeps people connected during the most critical of times: power outages, server failures and emergency situations
  • D3 a comprehensive application that captures data and activities and streams it back in form of intelligent reports that allow data-driven decisions making.

For more details or to purchase, please reach us at sales@saturnwireless.com or 201-386-1000 ext 3