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Transportation Solutions For Government

Whether it dealing with communication with workforce on the move or traffic congestion, bridge monitoring, parking meter enforcement or airport, railways and waterway surveillance. Saturn Wireless transportation solutions portfolio helps optimize existing transportation assets and provide the technology for smart vehicles, smart highways and smart workforce.

Our devices and application portfolio enables vehicle-to-roadside communications, increase traveler mobility, track workforce activity and connect them to transportation command centers. It allows Government Departments of Transportation, transit agencies and commercial organizations to better manage complex traffic challenges, increase workforce accountability and expand services to the traveling public.

Logitrac modems, GoMRM and specific applications such as Telenav, Xora, Logitrac, contribute to the solution portfolio.

Customized to meet specific needs, our Key partner applications for transportation include:

  • Logi-Trac World’s most advanced RFID and vehicle telematics system providing logistics companies, with a fully integrated tracking system.
  • Telenav is the most effective way to monitor and manage vehicles, using an embedded GPS device to track a vehicle’s location, speed, and route.
  • GoMRM- Vehicle tracking devices that are fitted on the vehicles
  • Xora: a GPS-enabled mobile phones tracking system that tracks vehicle speed, location and route.

For more details or to purchase, please reach us at sales@saturnwireless.com or 201-386-1000 ext 3