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Emergency Communication Solutions For Healthcare



Rugged Devices

While existing network may fulfill the day-to-day need for two-way communications, Saturn Wireless emergency communications solutions are designed to communicate with masses across a large geographical area or between multi-location environments, so that the healthcare professionals can focus on their patients.

Saturn Wireless Asset Management solutions integrate wireless technology with advanced data capture capabilities and mobile or hand held computers using applications from industry-leading partners.

Our mobile and rugged devices staged with partner applications ensure that healthcare professionals can communicate effortlessly with their key executives and mobile staff, whenever emergency strikes.

We offer mobile devices from all the leading manufacturers including BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HP. Our rugged device portfolio includes Motorola, Intermec, Opticon, Airo Panasonic, Psion Teklogies, xRiver and Honeywell

Customized to meet specific needs, our Key partner applications for emergency include:

  • PINpoint Keeps people connected during the most critical of times: power outages, server failures and emergency situations
  • ePak Application for mission critical alerts on wireless devices, ensures that important communications are delivered in a timely fashion. Helps companies meet the compliance requirements
  • PEPID Offers specialty-focused solutions for emergency, primary care and training physicians, student nursing; paramedics, emergency medical teams and pharmacists
  • Send Word Now Mass alerting and notification solutions in times of emergency

For more details or to purchase, please reach us at sales@saturnwireless.com or 201-386-1000 ext 3