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Key Devices and application for Transport and travel

Rugged Devices

Our Key partner applications include:

  • Apriva Supports out of coverage transactions for delivery and courier organizations
  • Aleph Application that efficiently connect the corporate ground transportation users to the service providers to deliver an automated solution for improving policy compliance, control and efficiency
  • Turnpike Global RouteTracker is an Electronic On Board Recorder (EOBR) that combines GPS and Engine Diagnostic information for small, medium, and large vehicle fleets.
  • SOTI Application that solves the unique challenges of managing, supporting, tracking and securing remote mobile and desktop computing devices
  • HipVoice Push to Talk application that connect couriers, delivery people with their dispatching base

Our rugged device portfolio includes Motorola, Intermec, Opticon, Airo Panasonic, Psion Teklogies, xRiver, Honeywell and BlackBerry

customer success stories

"Using Neverfail, our business is protected and our systems work continuously. An issue like email not being available is now a thing of the past."

Philip Woodgate
Business Systems Partner
Goodman Jones

Goodman Jones is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in central London offering a broad range of personalised business services. Formed in 1934, the firm has 13 partners and a total of 80 employees.

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