Wireless WAN (WWAN) Support

We provide complete WWAN solutions, including WWAN modems, activating the SIM cards, configuration & technical support. Some of our key services for WWAN solutions includes:

  • Configuration & Provisioning
  • Carrier and Device Asset Report
  • IP Labeling (if applicable)
  • Firmware & Post Updates completed pre-deployment
  • Programming PDF digitally accessible & packaged with device
  • 90 days of post-sale Support
  • Carrier and Manufacturer Advocacy Services
  • Device Recovery and Reprogramming Services
  • Post-sale Deployed Device Recovery

Provisioning & Support Services

Saturn Wireless' Professional Services group (PSG) provides 90 days of provisioning and support from the date you receive the device. We will provision your Wireless WAN device with the appropriate settings and ensure that it is working in proper order prior to deployment. It includes customized support and training as needed either onsite, on the phone, or remotely/web-based.

Wireless WAN Devices

Saturn Wireless' Professional Services Group (PSG)

For more details or to purchase, please reach us at sales@saturnwireless.com or 201-386-1000 ext 3